Why not be one with nature
like Native Americans?

We produce handmade Tee-Pees which are
processed originally to the smallest detail and supplemented with leather.

  • The Tee-Pee is a space in nature

    It is offers comfort just like home and enough space to spend time playing games or celebrate with family and friends.

  • The Tee-Pee is weatherproof, warm and dry

    Thanks to the fire in the middle of Tee-Pee, where we can also cook in a cauldron for camping or directly on open fire.

  • You find freedom In the Tee-Pee

    from your hectic and busy lifestyle while drinking a tea and watching the fire burn.

  • Tee-Pee is useable all year around

    thanks to our simple but genious construction where the fire makes you comfortable even through the cold weather.

Who we are?

We are a bunch of enthusiasts and we are one of the best manufacturers in tent production, with many years of experience.

We not only manufacture our tents, but also build, innovate, rent, transport and use them ourselves, some even in winter.

The locations where our teepees are located vary in climate, wind, soil, availability, and all of this constantly trains us and forces us to adapt our production so that the tents are ready for any load and weather, and are as durable as possible.

We try to apply our experience in production by improving from well-established standards.

Thank you for your patronage and we will continue to delight you with the quality and original design of our products.

For Team Bizon-stany, s. r. o.
Roman Beránek

What are we offering?

13 years on the market

And even more experience with our own tent production. We take in consideration passion for Native Americans theme since early childhood.

Great variability

We are making many different sizes of tent with large amount of accessorise including leather one.

High resistance

We use durable materials with long term and weatherproof guarantee.

Quality work

Our Tee-Pee is supplemented with leahter accesorise and perfection to every detail.

White or painted

The Tee-Pee was not only white base colour, therefore we paint it with authentic symbols or on upon customer request.

Own invention

We are constantly improving functions and resistance by well thought modifications.

Where are our customers?

Experience the secret of Native Americans yourself

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