Guarantee and quality


Teepees of different producers differ   with cuts, sewing and processing of the individual details. Especially in the places where the teepee is extracted the most, when it goes to streching, pressure and wind resistance.

Our tepees are sewn to become very resistant.

We achieved really solid and resistant teepee by combining additional reinforcement, well-crafted details and emphasis on the entire teepee shape.

Our tepees were created on the basis of acquired experience in tepee construction and camping, when the camper detects the deficiencies and has many suggestions for improvement and new ideas.

Well picked and stretched teepees are sure wind resistant. We guarantee that the stiffeners will not break under normal conditions. For the damage caused under extreme weather conditions and calamities, e.g. in a hurricane, very strong winds, etc., the claim cannot be made. For these cases standard insurance institutions are used.


Our teepees are stiffened with a polyester band that is resistant to tearing, pulling and decaying. The stiffened areas are also located near the flaps and the tightening loops.

The location of flaps is the most critical point of tearing because there is the greatest tension and pressure.

However, our bracing resists tension and pressure, both in manipulation with the smoke flaps and in the strong wind.


To respect  the tradition and stylish purpose of the teepee, most teepees are supplied without a loop but straps for tying.

Classic indian style is to tie the loops with straps when building the teepee, which is original and stylish.

The binding is made by a sisal cord and a ball, which is included in standard the tepee; although in our opinion the binding of the loops damages the sheet of the tepee and makes it‘s life shorter.

This kind of pegging is very popular.

Their opposite are tightly sewn loops!

Loops sewn upon request

The way of sewing loops is different for each manufacturer. We offer the loops that are sewn from one piece of the band of polyester, without interruption along the whole lower circumference of the tepee. A big advantage of the loops that are sewn on is that there is no pulling out of the fabric between loops, that the loop is neither torn out nor lazy and that there is a possibility of exchanging the damaged cord.

Leather accessories

Leather (already included in the price of the teepee) is the main and special accessory of our teepees made of cotton, which improves and reinforces some details while at the same time making the whole teepee colorful.

We are holders of industrial patent for appearance of the leather accessorize,
please do not copy us...

Most teepees available on the market have machine-sewn openings for binding the sheet together.

The market mostly offers re-sewing of the openings

Our original way of sewing of openings