Painting teepee

For perfection, we are offering hand painted teepees, doors and the linings with traditional indian pattern or patterns by your own choice.

A Painted teepee represents the owner of it. You can choose from many patterns and without any problem even your own proposal.

Choose from our own patterns or make your own.  

Sheet of teepee



Painting the teepee is seperated in 4 parts:

Top of the teepee used to represent the sky.

Stripes under the smokeflaps

The middle part, between the sky and the ground, represents life, events,and acts;it would be pictures of birds, animals and people.

The bottom part, is called a skirt, it symbolise the earth.

We are only painting teepees made by us!

It would be appreciated if proposals of your own pattern would be with traditional symbols and within historical meaning of these patterns as they give it a special beauty, importance and authenticity.

Painted teepee can be supplied withing 4-6 weeks.