Company party

Give unforgettable experience to your employees and customers.


Easy accomodation for bigger group of people.

Schools, Nurseries

Base for children to teach outside in the nature.


Easy to build

Only two people are needed to build the tent within an hour.

A nice place to relax

And relax with an open fire or with family and friends.

Extra space for accomodation

And Sleepover for bigger group of people with a very little budget.

Dryness and warm

And not even the worst weather would stop you, the whole year through.

Option to cook

Bake or grill on an open fire, without any worries for your safety.

Big space

For presentations, exhibitions and social events.

All year around camping

The tent can be used all year through.
One can open a fire inside or use a little stove to make it pleasantly warm.


People who would like to save time and hussle building the teepee, could use our service. We can deliver and build.

Transport of poles

The Bigger the tent the more complicated transport gets. Many users preffer to buy their own poles or use divided poles for easy transport. Below you can see different types of transport. If you are interested we can help you to choose the right transport.

Own transport

The customer is free to use own transport.

Poles in one piece

Divided poles


Poles sizes 3-5 m could be picked up by ones own transport or send by TOPTRANS, they can deliver poles up to 6 meters.

Only available for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our corporate transport

As one piece is in sizes 6-9 m can be transported by our company transport

Price according to delivery address and quantity.


Poles as one piece is in sizes 6-9 m could be delivered by lorry.

Price depends on the amount and how far it has to be delivered.